Google Pay Business Loan 2024: ગૂગલ પે તરફથી માત્ર ₹111ના હપ્તામાં ₹15000ની લોન,આ રીતે અરજી કરો

GPay Business Loan 2024 : Google Pay is India’s leading digital payment company. It also provides loans along with its payment facility. Google Pay has introduced Gpay Business Loan to help small businesses. In which loans up to Rs.15,000 will be given to small businessmen. The special thing about this loan is that its monthly installment is only Rs. 111 has to be filled so that the loan holder can easily repay his loan. Gpay has partnered with various financial institutions to launch GPay Business Loan 2024. You don’t have to go through any complicated process to take this loan, the loan will be available to you easily and quickly.

GPay Business Loan 2024

This loan has been launched by Google Pay to promote Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). GPay Business Loan 2024 has been launched in partnership with major financial institutions like Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, DMI Finance. These loans cater to short-term financial needs. This loan is a boon for small business to expand business, install new equipment. The loan tenure provided by Google Pay is from 7 to 12 months.

Who is Google Pay Business Loan useful for?

GPay Business Loan 2024 : This loan can be very useful for small businessmen, artisans, any shopkeepers, new startup and other businesses.

Features of Google Pay Business Loan

  • Very little processing free
  • Loan repayment in easy installments of Rs.111
  • Loan up to Rs.15000
  • Short term loans from 7 to 12 months
  • No income required for taking loan.

Eligibility for taking GPay Business Loan

There is no special eligibility requirement for taking this loan, but to qualify for taking the loan, merchants should increase the use of Google Pay QR Code, and encourage their customers to use the QR Code. But yes you need to keep your credit score good.

GPay Business Loan 2024 Application Process

  • Launch the Google Pay for Business app.
  • Navigate to the loan section and select the desired loan.
  • Proceed with the application by following the prompts.
  • Fill the application form, upload KYC documents and review the loan offer.
  • Sign the agreement electronically and submit the application.
  • Monitor the loan status through the “My Loan” section of the application.

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